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Discover Your Abilities

The  Intuitive  Mystic 




A Mystical Experience

Welcome to my home

the Room of Mystery, 

recreating the venue where

Uncle Oss E. Mosis conducted his

Intuitive Mystic Experiments.

Once In A Lifetime

Immersive experience such as you have never before participated in.

A truly one-of-a-kind magical  entertainment in Southern Utah.


No Top Hats ~ No Fuzzy Bunnies

More than just a magic show.

We host a unique presentation

that is not to be compared with the usual parlor tricks.

Fun For The Whole Crew

~ Girls Night Out ~

 ~ Special Celebration ~

Fun Date Night ~

We can guarantee that you will all have a night to remember.

Leave In Awe

As you come away

 mystified and amazed by 

your new found abilities. 

A Well Kept-Secret

Since 2012, participants in the experiments  have been by special invitation only. 

 It is time to let everyone in 

St. George enjoy what only

a few have witnessed.

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Unlock Your Inner Mystic

An interactive experience to develop

Your intuitive mystic abilities.

Learn to focus  your mind.


​Limited to 12 per group, call ahead for seating availability & reservations.


The original experiments

Oss Elias Mosis created & developed in 

New York City in 1903.

The Experience is


However any Spontaneous

Compensatory  Contribution will aid in the

continued presentation of the

Intuitive Mystic Experience for others to enjoy.


F A Q'S:

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~ How long is the Experience?


Starting at 6:30 - 8:00 the Experience lasts approx 1 1/2 hour.

~ What is the COST?

The Intuitive Mystic Experience is FREE

Any Spontaneous Compensation is Gratefully Welcomed.

~ Is the Experience a Seance?


~ Does the Experience have Ghosts, Spirits, or Supernatural Entities?


~ What sould I Wear?

Something comfortable.  Please no shorts or T shirts.

~Is There an Age Limit?

It is strongly recommended no one under the age of 18 participate in the Experience

~ Can I keep my phone?

Because the Experience is interactive it will be requested that all electrical devices be turned off so your full concentration will be on the Experience as well as in consideration of fellow audience members.




"I've lived in St. George for years and just recently found out about this show. Boy, have I been missing out!"

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The Intuitive Magi


The I M Experience ~ Mystic Garden


Upcomming Events

All Start Times 6:30 pm


Friday, Aug 13th
Thursday,  Aug 19th
Friday,  Aug 27th